Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Chronicle piece I mentioned plus one other

This is the essay in today's Chronicle about regulating the use of social media by university employees at Northern.  I'm going to guess that policy will be rescinded in a few months, because as articulated it sounds unworkable and because they likely will get a lot of negative publicity from this piece.  But who knows?  Sometimes in those circumstances people dig in their heels.

The other piece is something I wrote five years ago when I was full time administrator.  It is called Gift Exchange or Corruption.  It is directly relevant to our discussion about opportunism in the workplace.  The use of the expression Gift Exchange here is a reference to Akerlof's paper that is mentioned in the Syllabus. In this use it is a productive thing that promotes high quality work.  Corruption is obviously a different matter.  The question is whether you can tell the one from the other and is that easy or hard to do.  My discussion suggests there are quite a few subtleties in trying to parse the two.

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