Monday, September 23, 2013

First Set of Grades and Tracking Uploaded into Moodle

If you go to the class Moodle site, log in, then scroll down to the Grades area on the left you should be able to see what I uploaded.  There are two categories, Excel Homework and Blog Posts.  In the Excel Homework category there are two entries, for the the first two homeworks.  If you submitted your key into the form you got a 10 for that assignment.  If you did not, then it should be blank.

For the blog posts, since I'm not grading them individually, what I did was put an "x" in the comment field.  There are three entries here.  If you have 3 x's, it means you've done all the blogging.

I will take late submissions still if people want to get caught up.  But tracking that is a bit hard for me so alert me to what you've done so I can make the adjustments in the grade book.

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