Sunday, September 8, 2013

Each of your blog posts should now have a comment from me

I went through the blog posts that I'm aware of and commented on each one.  In my records there were 18 of these.  There are currently 28 students in the class.  If you are in that group of 10 who has not yet made a blog and a post about your alias, it is not too late to do so and I encourage you to get that done.  Email me with the url for the blog when you're done.

There were 20 students who completed the first Excel homework.  As with the the first blog post, it is not too late to do this for credit.  Please try to get it done asap.

I'm going to wait a bit before posting anything in the Moodle grade book.  If you've done the required work so far, know that I'm tracking it.  I'd like everyone else to catch up first.

There will be another blog post due this coming Friday and you can start in now on the Excel homework that is due a week from Wednesday.  Better to stay ahead of the curve, if you can.

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