Friday, September 6, 2013

Sidebar Items - Moving to Plan B

I had been using a Blogger gadget called Blog List for both the Upcoming Items and the Student Posts.  Unfortunately, the Blog List didn't seem to be updating.  So we need to move to Plan B for both of these.

I've already replaced the Upcoming Items with the Class Calendar in Agenda view.  You need to click on the item to get the description and then you have to scroll to the bottom of the item and get more details to have the links work.  So it is not quite as good as what was there before - if that updated.  But at least what's there now will stay current.  Further, from here on out I will just update the calendar so this will be easier for me to manage.

For the student posts, the simplest thing is probably just to provide a link to each of your blogs.  When everyone has gotten theirs set up, I will switch to this.  (If you want to track posts you can use a reader as I suggested in class yesterday.)  In the meantime maybe the technology gods will smile on this and the thing will start to update.  

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