Monday, September 2, 2013

No need to bring your laptop tomorrow!

I went to the classroom a few minutes ago.  I still could not get my laptop to connect to the projector.  So instead of doing a live demo I've made video tutorials - there is one for how use Excel to do the homework. Even if you are familiar with Excel, I recommend that you watch this tutorial, because the setup is class specific.

There are also two videos for setting up your blog in Blogger.  In the first video it assumes you don't yet have a gmail account, so it goes over how to make that (go to and make a new account).  If you already have a non-university gmail account you can use that and skip the first step.  The next step is to use your Blogger Profile instead of using Google Plus.  This way you can set your screen name to your alias, which is what I'd like you to do.  It is a way to preserve your privacy while blogging out in the open.

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