Thursday, December 12, 2013

Grades in Moodle have been updated

Here's the new stuff

Excel Homework

10 points for Excel HW #7 if that was submitted.   Then I added a column called Excel Bonus.  It has 30 points.  Every student got that.  The original plan was 10 homework assignments.  There were 100 points allocated to this in the syllabus.  So it was a way to bring that into balance.

Blog Posts

I tracked submissions for blog posts 9 and 10.  I also put in scores and comments for Blog posts second half.  The maximum possible score was 125.  I was pretty generous assigning points here, in my humble opinion.

Running Total

I added a column at the end to say how many cumulative points you've achieved to date.  The maximum possible, counting the 50 point bonus that everyone got, is 700.

What is not there

I didn't assign points yet for the comments you did.  There is a 50 point maximum on that.  I will assign those at the same time I grade the final.  Truthfully, this gives me a bit more of a fudge factor, based on the performance I see on the final exam.  This is worth 300 points at the max, so there are still 350 points to allocate.  Some incentive in the course is rear-loaded, by design.

Good luck with your other exams.


  1. So are the bonus points not counted as points would for extra credit? Or will it be counted as extra credit towards the total at the end? I was not sure if everyone got those points so I thought it wouldn't be added to total and would be sort of counted as bonus points because of the poor average on the first midterm.

    1. The bonus points count just like every other point counts. Your total points after the final and the commenting points have been included will determine your course grade.