Thursday, November 7, 2013

Link to Test from Last Year and Candidate Essay Questions for Exam

Last year's midterm 2.

Candidate Questions

A.  This question concerns procurement.  Discus why in government agencies procurement is subject to  regulation.  What is the regulation aimed at preventing?  What does it try to accomplish?  Explain why during the bidding process the lowest price bidder may not be selected, although the process is competitive.  Discuss the various goals the agency conducting the procurement may have going into the process.

B.  This question concerns conflict in organizations and, in particular, Model 1 and Model 2 of Schon and Argyris.  Explain how a manager can without intending to do so cause the staff under him to be angry with his management approach.  What is it that causes their anger?  What are the consequences for the unit when the manager behaves this way?  Explain the Schon and Argyris recommendation about how the manager might diffuse the tension.  Why does their recommendation have a chance to be effective?

C.  This question concerns an agent who while performing the same function serves two different principals.  What are some examples where this situation emerges?  What problems are created that don't exist in the case where there is a single principal?  Explain what "capture" means and how it arises in this context.  What might be done to discourage capture?

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