Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Because attendance was low in class today...

I'm posting an announcement I made there.  This regards our upcoming exam to be held a week from Thursday.

On Thursday morning before class I will post
(1)  Last year's midterm 2 and
(2) Three candidate essay questions.  One of those will be on this year's midterm.

Our review session is a week from today.

Also, as a quick summary of what we covered today we discussed:
(a)  The blog posts and the underlying issues with the triangle principal-agent problem.
(b)  More about procurement.
(c)  B&D chapter 7 and 13 on how to really motivate employees to be highly productive.

I view this stuff as the most fun part of the course.  I'm sorry that many of you missed.  I may write up a long post  to highlight the points we discussed.  I don't really want to encourage people to miss class, but some of this may be on the exam, so you should be prepared for that.

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