Thursday, October 3, 2013

Now that class is over...

....and because this is tangentially related to our topic today, I thought I'd mention that I was quite distressed yesterday about news that my health care provider will no longer have the state retiree contract after Jan 1.  They have been my provider for 33 years and now my kids are on my policy (in addition to McKinley).  So this is quite stressful.  I lost a lot of sleep over it last night.  If class was okay today it's a tribute to the power of adrenalin.


  1. What exactly did the state retiree contract do? I'm not failure with this particular plan. Also, I hope you feel better.

  2. Replies
    1. There is an Illinois Department called Central Management Services that procures benefits for state employees and retirees as well. Health insurance is among those benefits. They have a bidding process and select winners among the various bidders. Unfortunately, the process favors companies that are concentrated in the Chicago area. The company that I have been using, Health Alliance, is centered in Champaign. They are the insurance side of Carle Clinic and Carle Hospital. At present it appears that none of the winners have Carle as part of their networks.

      I did sleep better last night. But the issue is not yet resolved. I hope I can find a solution soon.