Friday, August 30, 2013

Opting in on the blogging

It is a course requirement to write weekly blog posts, with the first post due next Friday.  It is your choice, however, whether to do that on a public Web site or not.  I hope the approach taken, with the assigned alias used as a screen name, offers you sufficient privacy protection that you choose to make your blog public, because doing that is easier.  But you can choose the alternative of keeping your blog private and making posts in Moodle.  The outside world then won't see the posts at all.  But that means your classmates probably won't see them either, because they'd have to make some extra effort to find them.

If you would like a private blog in Moodle, please let me know because I have to set it up.  If you are okay with a public blog, after you have set it up please send me the address of the site.

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